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 We are a student club first founded in 2017 and recently restructured into its current shape. We aim to re-establish the economic culture among our student community with the valuable support of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and its professors and Alumni.

 We strongly hope to become increasingly interested in economics and to create an inviting and appealing environment for our peers to become familiar and as passionate about it as we are, stimulating their critical thinking.

 In order to do that, the Economics Club will publish a quarterly magazine with articles written by the club members that will analyze and comment on trending economic topics, as well as a semi- monthly podcast featuring relevant people in the field.

 Our organizational structure relies on a Top Management Team, composed of our President, Vice-President and the Heads of our 5 departments, those being:

The Marketing department is responsible for the communication and social presence of the club, as well as the design and graphics of the magazine;

The Economics department, which focuses on research and content creation for our magazine and podcast;

 The Podcast department takes care of Interviewing, producing and post-editing our semi-monthly podcast.

The Finance & Innovation department is responsible for the accounting of the club and for the development of new projects and ideas;

The HR department is in charge of the intra-club dynamics and making sure that our members have every resource they need. They are also responsible for the recruitment and integration of new members;

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