Weekly Outlook 26/11/2018 to 30/11/2018

ECB’s President Mario Draghi speech in Brussels

Today Mario Draghi will deliver a speech in Brussels, one day after all the major European leaders met to discuss the conditions regarding Brexit and vote on texts that have been drafted by the EU and the UK for the past weeks. Do not forget that we are getting nearer and nearer from December the 13th, the day where the ECB announces its policy decision.

Additional Information

  • This week, several economic statistics regarding the US economy will be published. Keep an eye on the US Consumer Confidence Index that will be published on November the 27th as well as the US annualized GDP that will be published on November the 28th.

  • Also, do not miss the German Business Confidence and Expectations measures which will be published today. This will assess how businesses, one of the major economic agents, perceive the state of the German economy.

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