Congratulations CATÓLICA-LISBON

Last Monday, the Financial Times published its 2018 Business Schools Global rankings, which classify the performance of the best business schools in Europe and Católica-Lisbon confirmed its status as the best of its kind in Portugal, standing at the 28th position. In a country where, albeit decreasing, the rate of youth unemployment stood at 19,4% in the second trimester of 2018, the 92% rate of students placed in the national or international labor market three months after graduation is particularly remarkable and strongly contributed to the outstanding performance of Católica-Lisbon in this assessment. Other indicators, on the evolution of salaries and career progression, also played a role, as well as the high shares of international teachers and students of, respectively, 43% and over 50%, which make it the most international business school in the country. Such a result should therefore not only leave its students proud, but also optimistic about their professional future.

Católica-Lisbon students, staff and alumni are not the only ones with reasons to smile though. Indeed, this assessment once more showed the increasing strength of Portugal in higher education, placing four schools in the ranking. Only four European countries placed more institutions. Given the critical role of higher levels of education on the necessary increases of innovation and productivity, added to the particularly high importance of a more qualified body of entrepreneurs, the late accomplishments of the country’s Business Schools are certainly good news. Moreover, these results are likely to further boost Portugal’s attractiveness among foreign students, helping increase the market for the high added value industry of tertiary education and, thus, directly contributing to economic growth.

However positive these achievements may be, Portuguese business schools and Católica-Lisbon in particular must not rest on their laurels but, instead, strive to keep continually improving. For now, though, the Católica-Lisbon Economics Club would like to praise the school for this result and commit to the fruitful collaboration both entities have so far pursued.

Congratulations Católica-Lisbon!

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