Weekly Outlook 18/02/2019 to 22/02/2019

Trump’s “Wall of fight”

Donald Trump declared national emergency, which he perceived as the only way to construct the wall on the US-Mexico border, given the Congress’s rejection of the funds required to build it. Many scenarios are now possible: the Democrats might try to stop Trump, even though, almost certainly, they will not get ahead and so the Congress can pass a resolution to block the declaration. After that, the Senate must have its say and it is a fact that the President has enough support from Republicans who have the majority in the upper chamber of the United States Congress. Given these future scenarios, how concretely will the economy react to what is happening in the US? We just need to wait for the response of the markets, to have a few hints.

Additional Information

  • The EUR German Consumer Price Index, one of the most important indicators of inflation, is expected to remain stable at 1.40%.

  • JPY National Consumer Price Index is forecasted to be equal to 0.2%.

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