Weekly Outlook 01/04/2019 to 05/04/2019

Brexit: different scenarios

Today, Westminster will vote on the renouncement of article 50, as a petition asking the government to revoke it has recently gained massive popular support. Presented by a small town on the Westminster site, the petition broke all records collecting 5.8 million signatures, even though Theresa May's government has already rejected that possibility. The British parliament will also discuss two other petitions today: one requesting a second referendum and another pushing for the UK to leave the EU anyway, even without an agreement with Brussels. In short, the feared “no deal”.

Additional Information

  • The Core Consumer Price Index - released by the Eurostat - is expected to be stable at 1%. This is a key indicator to measure inflation and changes in purchasing trends: a high reading is seen as positive or bullish for the EUR, while a low reading is seen as negative.

  • The US Department of Labor forecasts an Average Hourly Earnings growth rate of around 3,4%. This is an indicator of labor cost inflation and of the tightness of labor markets.

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