Weekly Outlook 06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019

US tech companies latest financial results This week, three of the biggest tech giants in the world announce their latest financial results. One should be interested in such an event as economic agents are looking for signs to understand what this tech environment could imply in the present and the future. Are we experiencing a tech bubble? Or does this represent deep changes in the way e-commercial activity works? These are clues that could indicate what is going on in the tech world, as these are companies that have been leading the way for cutting edge innovations in the world economy.

FED meeting Keep an eye on the FED meeting this week. There has been a political conflict which could result on interest rates returning to lower values, but the most likely decision, it seems, will be to keep them unchanged, as inflation keeps stubbornly low and US economic figures fell below expectations.

Additional Information

  • On Friday, data on the first quarter economic performance of the UK will come to light, including provisional 1st quarter GDP figures.

  • On Tuesday, Australia will decide on the interest rate policy, followed by New Zealand the following day.

  • On Wednesday, exports figures will be release by China

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