Weekly Outlook 13/05/2019 to 17/05/2019

Euro-zone ZEW and GDP growth indicators

ZEW and GDP growth indicators for the euro area are extremely important for understanding both the perception of investors about the EU and the actual trend of the Euro-zone. The first index, which assesses expectations, will be made public on Tuesday. It is the result of a survey based on interviews of up to 300 financial markets experts and it is built as the difference between the percentage of optimists and pessimists. On Wednesday, the GDP (YoY) growth rate indicator will be released as well: it represents the “health” of the Euro-zone economies and it is also a signal for the level of the economic activity. Moreover, these indicators have become even more crucial, as the elections for the European Parliament are fast approaching. Therefore, these data can be used by politicians as a tool for their electoral campaigns.

Additional Information

  • On Wednesday, new figures for the Canadian Consumer Price Index will be released: it is expected to remain stable at 1.8 %, according to the Bank of Canada.

  • On the same day, another indicator will become public: the "retail sales control group", published by the US Census Bureau, which represents the total industry sales that are used to prepare the estimates of PCE (personal consumption expenditures) for most goods.

  • On Thursday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will announce the Unemployment Rate indicator, that is expected to be stable at 5.0%.

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