Weekly Outlook 20/05/2019 to 24/05/2019

Switzerland Approves Fiscal Tax Reforms by a Crushing Margin

Swiss voters approve corporate tax reforms that will remove preferential tax schemes for MNCs by a crushing margin of 66-34, two years after the same idea had been heavily rejected. This project will equalize tax schemes for all companies, in a step forward towards social justice according to proponents of the project. Switzerland therefore tries to realign itself with international standards, as promoted by the EU and OECD.

Additional Information

  • On May the 20th, the US Fed Chair Jerome Powell will make a speech regarding the state of the economy.

  • On May the 21st, the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) will publish its meeting minutes that will shed light on potential monetary policy changes. This will be accompanied by a speech by RBA’s Governor Lowe.

  • On May the 23rd, the EU will release its PMI Reports, which include the response and viewpoints of a wide range of businesses and companies in the manufacturing and services sectors.

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