João Marques da Costa

Head of Finance

My name is João Marques da Costa, I am a second year student in the Economics course.

I accepted the challenge of participating in this project, because I have the ambition to be able to contribute to the growth and consolidation of something for the community, and in a way, that can help clarify who wants to be clarified on certain topics.
My choice was not due to the club's "analysis" area, but to the existing process until we reached a final result. This is a process that encompasses respect, unity, cooperation, teamwork, among other skills that are essential for our growth as "small samples" of future economists, consultants, auditors, managers, etc.
One of my main tasks is to deal with partnerships and possible agreements, trying to expand and make known all the work produced by the members of this club.

I am at your disposal to clarify any doubts and questions related to this project.

We are waiting for you!