Théo Noël

Research Member

My name is Théotime Noël, and I am French. I am currently doing my first year of MSc Macroeconomic Policy at CLSBE. I would describe myself as an easy-going person, always there for a joke, but also, curious, and hard worker. I cannot finish talking about myself without talking about sport, which is a big part of my life, mainly road cycling and running.
I am glad to be part of the Economics Club as a writer and researcher. I applied there because I was looking for a strong experience that was complement to my graduate program, and where I could exchange around subjects that passionate me, with other people as passionate as me, in an open-minded environment to strengthen my ideas and points of view. And I have found what I was seeking for. Even more actually!
As a committed person always seeking for new challenges, my duty is to do my best to produce quality contents. I hope to bring both for the Economics Club and the future readers/listeners a real added value. I cannot wait to share the different project and content we are making, or we are going to make with you!