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    Alessandra Iovine

    International Policy Analysis Division at the European Central Bank

    "Pedro and his team have been doing a great job and it was for me such a nice experience to be back to Catolica-Lisbon, thanks to your help and a perfectly organized event."

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    Catarina Reis

    Professor and Academic Director of the Masters in Economics at Católica-Lisbon

    "The CATÓLICA-LISBON Economics Club plays a fundamental role connecting economics faculty and students. They promote numerous events and initiatives where all the community comes together to discuss current economics issues. In particular, they have regular opinion articles, faculty profiles, debates, and conferences. They are always willing to collaborate with new initiatives and they are a true pleasure to work with."

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    Inês Domingos

    Member of the Portuguese Parliament (Partido Social Democrata) and Assistant Professor at Católica-Lisbon

    "Student associations are crucial to university life in many ways, beyond representing the students institutionally. Católica Lisbon Economics club has achieved what I believe is one fundamental role of these associations: to create a space for dialogue between students, professors and professionals. I participated recently in an event about the Portuguese budget. I found the club to be active, well organized and capable of mobilizing students and professors for a fruitful debate about the budget.

    Well done Economic Club!"

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    João César das Neves

    Full Professor and President of the Ethics Committee at Católica-Lisbon

    "The most remarkable aspect of the «CATÓLICA-LISBON Economics Club» is its heroicity. Just having a club is a daring prospect nowadays, in a time where immediate and profitable activities dominate everything. Being together just to reflect, analyze, talk and debate reality is a great achievement. This is even more amazing if the topic is Economics, where ideology and interest usually trump most discussions. Having an Economics Club, even in an university, is thus a great endeavor, and all its members should be vividly congratulated from keeping alive the so valuable and neglected art of thinking."

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    Miguel Gouveia

    Professor at Católica-Lisbon

    "Over the years, and more so in recent times, the CATÓLICA-LISBON Economics Club has been responsible for a remarkable set of initiatives highlighting important themes in Economics,  Public Policy and in the developments of the European and Portuguese economies. These initiatives have made the club a valuable "social citizen" and an excellent way for motivated students to participate in spirited and informed discussions of current affairs. I sincerely hope that the Club continues these initiatives and keeps on establishing itself as a relevant forum for the academic community. Last, behind any Club or group there are always individuals that make a difference. We are all indebted to them: their efforts deserve recognition and appreciation."

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    Pedro Duarte Neves

    Alternate Chairman of European Banking Authority

    Former Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal

    Professor ar Católica-Lisbon

    "“CATÓLICA-LISBON Economics Club” is doing a great job! I had the privilege to participate in an event organized by the club and that was for me an excellent opportunity to be back at Católica-Lisbon for a very well organized event, with a vivid exchange of opinions with panelists and students on the current key challenges for the European Union. I am also a frequent reader of the Weekly Outlook, I do not miss a single issue, I encourage you to keep producing and circulating the newsletter.  Pedro and his team are doing an outstanding job in promoting thinking and exchange of views at the faculty, many congratulations for that!"

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    Rita Paiva e Pona

    Deputy Head of Careers&Talent Office

    "The Economics Club is one of the most well-organized Clubs at CATÓLICA-LISBON, fully committed to their purpose of sharing the Knowledge of Economics among the students and society. Not only the Club writes weekly opinion articles about relevant topics but also it engages Professors and Professionals in their events. In addition, the Club has organized a number of conferences, such as The European Central Bank With Us and The Portuguese Government Budget for 2019. These initiatives and innovative events are only possible with a dedicated team that brings together different skills and backgrounds, willing to learn and always keep on improving! It has been a pleasure to witness such growth and enthusiasm. It really makes us proud!"

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    Sílvia Martins

    Career Consultant at Católica-Lisbon

    "I had the pleasure to work with the Economics Club in a very demanding moment when they accepted the challenge to recover the club.

    During this period, this amazing team promoted and developed economic’s knowledge among CATÓLICA LISBON students, showing passion, resilience and management skills.

    Regarding all the work they did, I would like to highlight the following activities:

    -    Club rebranding (Logo, social media platforms, website);

    -    Launched a Weekly Outlook;

    -    Promoted 5 conferences with the presence of renowned speakers."

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    Teresa Lloyd Braga

    Full Professor and Vice-Rector at Universidade Católica Portuguesa

    "I accompanied the very birth of the Catolica Lisbon Economics Club. Incentivized by the Faculty, colleagues and the Career Development Office, three students of MSc in Economics, who were new at Catolica, made that happen in 2012. Since then, there has been high enthusiasm among students, who soon started to organize several activities as, for instance, the edition of a quarterly newsletter, the annual Christmas Dinner with a small conference on a relevant economic topic, a competition between groups in favour and against austerity measures, the development of a project with a national newspaper of great reputation. Nowadays, the club has been renovated, in order to increase its visibility and projection, and it is managed by a team more dynamic than ever! Since the last year they already launched the Weekly Outlook on relevant economic events, the opinion column ‘The Economic Choice’ and the monthly Professor’s Profile. They have also been organizing several events or conferences as ‘The Portuguese Government Budget, ‘Challenges for the European Union’, or the events on ‘Economics Career’, and on ‘European Central Bank with us’. The Catolica Lisbon Economics Club promotes, among students, critical thinking about current events, helps them to become proactive, and to organize activities that are of interest for everybody. No doubt, we are really proud of Catolica students’ achievements. Many Congratulations!"


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