About us 

We are a Club formed by Católica Lisbon students and totally re-structured since September 2017.


Our aim is to promote the economic science around the student community, with the support of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics expertise. We hope to foster a stronger interest in economics and to help students develop a critical opinion on relevant economic topics.


The CATÓLICA-LISBON Economics Club publishes its digital OP-ED (opinion column), The Economic Choice, focused on weekly articles providing analysis and opinions regarding trending economic issues. These articles are written by members of the club. A weekly outlook is also offered covering the most important economic developments of the week.

Additionally, a Professor’s Profile is provided monthly, presenting a Professor’s research interests, academic achievements and views on current economic topics

Furthermore, with the support of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, the Club organises events (conferences and debates) about National and International issues covering the economic part and other fields of study.


The CATÓLICA-LISBON Economics Club comprises 3 departments: Economics, Financial and Marketing. Each of them has its own purpose and mission. The Economics department focuses on the research and content production for our activities. The Financial department is responsible for the accounting of the club. The Marketing department is responsible for the organisation of events, the communication and innovation of the club. This section ensures that our public presence is state of the art.

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